All Saints Highertown

A Lifehouse Project

The Lifehouse will see the fulfilment of our vision to put our community at the heart of our church. It’s a building project to transform our church buildings into a purpose-built community hub.

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We have grown to become one of the largest community service providers in Truro

Thanks to the hard work of our partner organisations and groups. We’re known to be safe and trusted, but our building is struggling to cope with our growth.

If you know us, and know our building, you’ll agree with one user who said the outside does little to reflect the emotional warmth of the inside.

The Lifehouse will transform our facilities into a light, bright welcoming hub.

It will make it so much easier for people to get support through our partners and to connect with each other through our groups, the Lifehouse offers hope.

It will include a community café, more space for activities, more room for more groups to work alongside each other, more.

What difference will the Lifehouse make?

Five years ago, we asked the neighbourhood, our partners and finally the congregation, what they wanted for their community. The concept of the Lifehouse responds to how they answered.

A cornerstone in the community, a place to meet friends, join a choir, try an activity, get support, feel included, valued. Today, it’s even more important as we experience post-pandemic life after 18months of loss, isolation and fear.

The Lifehouse will build on the good work intrinsic to ASH. Donated food is a blessing, but not that helpful if the cooker has broken, or debt means the electricity has been cut off. With more services, working together, those stressful dots that often get missed have more chance of being caught, joined up and addressed.

How much will it cost and how are we raising funds?

Our original vision was for a project that cost in the region of £1.9million. Sadly, market forces, a post-Brexit economy and then the pandemic conspired to raise the costs to more than we could afford. So we are currently looking at the design and working with our architects to bring the project inline with our fundraising, which, to date, is close to our target. We will post more of our progress shortly.

In the meantime, the community has overwhelmed us with their support. We’re not a wealthy church, but have been so encouraged with how people have rallied round, pitched up at events, helped to organise, volunteer, bake cakes, made tea, knitted, sewed, sung, run and painted.

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